Caravan Challenges has been set up in order to help facilitate the humanitarian fundraising activities of the international NGO charity, Caravan of Mercy. Our purpose is to manage those essential logistics which do not directly relate to the charity’s fundraising duties.

We are a not-for-profit organisation soley created by Caravan of Mercy (COM) for Caravan of Mercy.

COM are a Leicester U.K. based charity. They have been helping the poor and needy since 2006 in mostly; Syria, India, the Gambia, Ghana, Bangladesh as well as Pakistan, Liberia, Kenya and Sierra Leone etc. The donations which they recieve are spent on the poor and needy only and none of their donations recieved, are used to cover office over-heads or expenses etc. As such, COM operate a 100% donations policy. Like many UK charities, they are able to achieve this by claiming Gift Aid from the tax payments of willing donors. This Gift Aid is directly given by the government and not by the donor/public so the donor does not lose out.

Caravan Challenges, does not collect donations from the public. We only organise and administer aspects of some of the larger fundraising projects initiated by COM. Caravan Challenges does not have legal permission to collect money for charity as it is not a registered charity.

All donations are handled by Caravan of Mercy (UK Charity No. 1115896).