Tour de Gambia

Caravan Challenges is organising two charity bicycle rides in the Gambia for February 2024 to raise funds for Caravan of Mercy projects in West Africa. One large (780Km) and the other will be a shorter version (240Km).

Gambia is famously known as ‘The Smiling coast of Africa’. Our Tour de Gambia is a breath-taking cycle expedition that gives you a chance to experience rural and urban life in West Africa. Crossing from Banjul (the capital of Gambia) South bank to the North bank across the River Gambia, passing James Island where the locals were caught and shipped to America during the Atlantic slave trade. Experience the wildlife, exotic animals, and culture in this beautiful, small Muslim country.
It’s a fun but challenging cycle ride covering 240km over 5 days. We will be covering 5 villages along the day and staying with locals to share time under beautiful night sky.

Each day we arrive before noon, we will help locals with medical supplies, distribute food packs and we will be doing fun engagement activities with local children. The fun activities will include local football and sports, simple origami and watching an educational programme.

If you are up for adventure and would like to experience African rural village life, interaction, and African culture first-hand then sign up as spaces are limited. The cycle route is short and easy-going but make sure you get some practice in before you come.

We are looking for people from all walks of life to take part in an amazing cycle challenge in the Gambia to provide bicycles to students studying at Caravan of Mercy educational institutes in the country. There will be lots of fun and friendship along the way as cyclists of all walks of life abilities come together to take up this very special challenge. Our bike ride challenge in the Gambia is targeting to raise £75,000 to enhance the charity’s work in the Gambia & West Africa.

(Please note that information on this page is approximate and will be corrected nearer to the event). If you are up for an adventure and would like to experience African rural village life and culture first-hand, then don’t delay, sign up as we have limited spaces. The cycle route is short and easy-going but make sure you get some cycle practice before you come.

The Big Bike Ride in Gambia, West Africa 2024

Registration Fee & Bike Challenge cost £1200. Your bikes will be purchased in the Gambia. Flights will be from the following destinations subject to flight availability. London/Birmingham/Manchester 11th Feb 2024 – 19th Feb 2024.

Each participant will submit a payment of £1150 after the registration fee of £50.00 is received and registration is complete. You will receive an email once your application is accepted.

BIKE CHALLENGE COST OF £1200.00 will cover the following.

Registration fee of £50.00 non-refundable.

Return Ticket from the UK to Gambia. To make things easier for all, tickets will have to be arranged individually (for February 2024) as participants live in different parts of the country.

Food, drinks, and refreshments during the 6 days on the bike challenge

Accommodation (4-star hotel after bike challenge) based on 2 sharing before the bike Challenge and after till departure from the Gambia. If any participants wish to stay over for a few extra days, there will be an extra cost.

Essential travel whilst in the Gambia.

Malaria tablets, first aid, torch and bedding where necessary.

Caravan of Mercy Dry-Fit T-shirts for the bike challenge

Site seeing on the River Gambia once we reach our destination after the bike challenge in Kuntaur.

Visit to George Town and James Island where the locals where caged and shipped as slaves to America.

BBQ during the bike challenge, and at our destination, which is Caravan of Mercy school/ madrassa in Kuntaur, Central River Region.

NB: All participants will purchase their own bikes and all necessary items for the bike challenge, ie helmets, repair equipment etc. Bikes will be purchased in the Gambia.

If any participant wishes Caravan to purchase the bikes and necessary items on their behalf, there will be an additional cost of £200.00.


Each cyclist is required to raise a minimum of £1,000 for all intended projects.

All donations can also be paid anytime by phone, at our office or via this website, or on the charities total giving page.

Who benefits?
Who benefits? Bikes will be purchased and donated to the children of 3 Caravan of Mercy schools on behalf each participant. The students in the schools walk an average of 3 to 10 Km every day so for most, a bicycle would be a great help. The 3 schools currently provide for some 1000 children.

Where does the money go?
Through this initiative, we need you to help us with our target in raising £75,000 to spend on several valuable projects throughout Gambia and West Africa:

Phase 2 construction for Al Medina Islamic Academy Gambia: £25,000

Ghana water borehole Installation x 8 Boreholes: £20,000.

Food distribution amongst widows, orphans & the needy Hifz students (to be distributed out by the cyclists): £10,000.

Recreational courses, (Sewing, mechanic, building, computer classes) for the young and poor who cannot afford going to school. £10,000.00

Islamic Library (English & Arabic Books). To set up a library for the young educated so they can have access to Islamic Literature. £10,000.00