Bicycle,  Gambia

Cycle mission 2019

In 2019, a number of UK Muslims from all walks of life, flew to the Gambia with a mission. Their goal was to raise £50,000 by cycling through the small West African country called, The Gambia, known affectionately as ‘the smiling coast of Africa’.

The Gambia is home to various Caravan of Mercy charity projects with an office in the country’s capital, Banjul. 24 cyclists from England and Wales visited the COM schools and students and helped in distributing food and medicine to the poor and needy.

A group of 24 British adventurers took a flight to Banjul (the capital of the Gambia) and from there they crossed the famous Gambian river via the ferry to arrive in a town called Barra where the 134 miles cycle tour commenced. The group rode to Madina Manneh where they visited a Caravan of Mercy school and its students. After visiting other beautiful villages, passing an array of wild animals and friendly towns they reached Kuntaur, the home of another COM school. Their sponsorship money helped and continues to help the poor and needy through such projects as clothing distribution, student bike distribution, mosque construction, school construction and a school herb garden project.